Minor Checksheet

Requirements for the Minor in Environmental Science and Resource Management (21 units):

The Environmental Science and Resource Management minor provides non-majors with the opportunity to explore environmental issues and examine human impacts on natural systems. It provides students with an understanding of how their personal choices affect the environment around them. In addition, it equips students for further study in environmental science, law, policy, or management.

Lower Division Requirements (6 units):

ESRM 100 Introduction to Environmental Science and Resource Management (3)
ESRM 200 Principles of Resource Management, Conservation, and Stewardship (3)

Upper Division Requirements (15 units):

ESRM 313 Conservation Biology (BIOL) (4)

Select two of the following courses:

ESRM 462 Coastal and Marine Resource Management (4)
ESRM 463 Water Resources Management (4)
ESRM 464 Land Use Planning and Open Space Management (4)

Select three units from any of the following courses:

BIOL 345 Science and Public Policy (POLS) (3)
CHEM 250 Quantitative Analysis (2)
CHEM 251 Quantitative Analysis Lab (2)
CHEM 311 Organic Chemistry I (3)
CHEM 312 Organic Chemistry I Laboratory (1)
ECON 362 Introduction to Environmental Economics (3)
ECON 488 Econometrics (4)
ENGL 337 Literature of the Environment (3)
ESRM 340 Politics and the Environment (POLS) (3)
ESRM 342 Environmental History (HIST) (3)
ESRM 440 Population Studies (SOC) (3)
ESRM 443 Environmental Communication (COMM) (3)

Any other 300-400 level ESRM course (3-4)