• Wet Lab - Modoc 170

    When you’re covered in dirt, sand, and sea water this is the lab to be. It is our headquarters for field work. In the lab you can do anything from dissection of owl pellets to sieving sand for microplastics.

  • Tech Lab - Sierra 2314

    The tech lab is where you will find students working together on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) and remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV’s). Students learn how to innovate by using our 3D printers to fill missing parts.

  • Damp Lab - Sierra 2324

    Our Conservation Biology lab or Oceanography lab is our traditional lab space for teaching followed by application in the lab. In this lab you will see students learning the physical properties of the ocean by simulating waves in Oceanography and the complexity of fragmentation on diversity in Conservation Biology.

  • Prep Lab - Sierra 2323

    The prep lab is where you will find the technician prepping various labs for professors. This is where the logistics and administrative planning occurs.

  • GIS Lab- Sierra 2432

    The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) lab is where students learn the fundamentals of map making and environmental monitoring through visual display.

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